Seven locks

The work exists since about four centuries. It is the point of division of waters between the Loire and the Seine. It is the first work of this type built in France.


In 1597, Henri IV and his Prime Minister Sully intend to develop on a great scale the almost non - existent ways of navigation. The project was ambitious because he acts of uniting Méditérranée in the Atlantic Ocean and in la Manche.


On March 11th 1604, an estimate is annexed,to the letters of patent of King with the detail of the conditions in which the Briare canal must be built.


In 1605, the construction site starts with 18000 men : 12000 workers and 6000 privates.


On December 29th 1983, seven locks are classified as "Historic Monument".

Couverture du livre L'escalier d'eau
Couverture du livre L'escalier d'eau

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